Quality Programs & Compliance

The programs by which you govern your organization to assure quality

Quality programs are critical to consistently assuring quality and compliance across an organization. They apply to all quality related systems, but are not system specific. A quality program can be thought of as an ‘umbrella’ of procedures and controls under which systems and processes ‘live’ their lifecycle. A company’s quality programs are the best indication of how seriously it considers patient risk.

The Sequence Advantage

What value does our Quality Programs & Compliance team deliver to you?

At Sequence we believe quality programs have a greater responsibility than only assuring patient safety and compliance. They must also assure patient treatment. Where a company providing poor quality drugs may present a safety risk to patients, a company with inefficient programs risks not providing treatment at all. Their inefficiency threatens the business’s longevity, and absorbs funds that could otherwise be used to create new treatments.

This is why Sequence incorporates program efficiency and effectiveness into all of our Quality Program and Compliance services. Our insight allows us to recognize the best solution for your environment to assure the quality of your products and the longevity of your business.


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"Our single Sequence resource successfully managed a heavy project load including documentation, assisting the lab and vendors, assessing PC issues, and working with other sites to harmonize the validation process. "

"I wish you would stay at our company forever"

Quality Programs & Compliance Consulting Services

Services can be provided by project team, individualized support, or managed service.

Program Development

Whether you need a new program or just an update to your existing program, we have the right people to meet your needs efficiently.
Management System Examples: Quality (QMS), Lab, Stability, Calibration, Environmental Monitoring, Cold-chain Monitoring


Vendor auditing to assure what you purchase meets your quality standards. 

Internal audits to understand the current state of your systems

Inspection Readiness

Having a quality system is one thing, being prepared to defend your position in an audit is something completely different.
Sequence can test your inspection readiness and enhance your inspection hosting practices to minimize business interruption


Have issues that need to be corrected? We have experience leading remediations for regulators across the world.
We can efficiently identify and resolve your problem so it doesn’t resurface. 

Quality Program Managed Services


Develop and manage your calibration program,
and take responsibility for performing calibration activities


Remote Monitoring

Develop and manage your monitoring program using your devices or ours.  We provide 24/7 monitoring support of systems & environmentally controlled areas throughout your supply chain (factory, lab, stability, mobile, warehouse)

Functional Areas

Laboratory, Manufacturing, Packaging, IT, Engineering, Process Engineering, MS&T, Facilities

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