Engineering Department Support

Engineering is responsible for installing and keeping the many systems of a manufacturing facility working and in good repair. This department commonly relies on contract help when there is a need for focused expertise. Unfortunately, many of providers come with limited or no knowledge of how to work within your environment.

We can help. With proven success executing anything from equipment commissioning to GxP greenfield projects, Sequence understands the needs of your Engineering department. We are dedication dedicated meeting your needs compliantly and efficiently.

The Sequence Advantage

What value does Sequence deliver to your Engineering department?

We bridge project gaps with consultants who are cross trained to identify and resolve issues yielding a more effective and efficient project delivery. Our proficiencies spanning quality, control systems, instrumentation, and product processing yield optimizations undetectable to even the most senior personnel. Using our perspective we can help you deliver a successful project, more efficiently, and with fewer ‘surprises’. Sequence consultants take a ‘Partner’ approach towards each customer that goes beyond that of typical contract staff. We deliver uniquely trained consultants who will take responsibility for your project and have a proven track record of delivering projects compliantly and efficiently


"Sequence has a great reputation on our site."

"We​ need someone to hit the ground running and know that Sequence consultants are able to."

"The Sequence team took on a dumpster fire of a project and knocked it out of the park."

"I wanted to send my sincere gratitude to our Sequence team.  You are essential assets for furthering our efforts in compliance and transforming our industry!"

"A BIG thank you for making this critical project happen against our aggressive timelines."

"Thank you for minimizing the impact of the issues and getting our project back on track as quickly as possible. THANK YOU!!! "

"I Enjoyed working with the Sequence team.   Even on a remote based project, communication was outstanding throughout the entire project and deadlines were met on time. You always kept a positive attitude and made working on this project a pleasure."

"It has been a joy working with Sequence over the past year.  Project goals were communicated as requested and roadblocks were assessed up front and resolved appropriately. Sequence resources will be our first request when the lab project begins."

"Our single Sequence resource successfully managed a heavy project load including documentation, assisting the lab and vendors, assessing PC issues, and working with other sites to harmonize the validation process. "

"I wish you would stay at our company forever"

Services for your Engineering Department

Services can be provided by project team, individualized support, or managed service.
Sequence consultants deliver following services with a full understanding of the system development lifecycle.

Engineering Disciplines

Process Engineering

Starting with your requirements, we apply our expertise in the latest processing technologies and techniques to develop a process that delivers your product as efficiently as possible.  Use our perspective and knowledge to assure that your process is developed quickly, delivers the desired quality results, and is optimized for efficiency and sustainability.

URS Development, Risk Assessment & Mitigation (PFMEA), Tech Transfer, Detailed process development (product, CIP/SIP, utilities), Studies/Evaluations (mixing, processing, cleaning)

Automation Engineering

Providing service for all stages (system development lifecycle) of developing and maintaining an Automation system.  This includes the specification, identification, connection, configuration, programming, and testing of proper performance.


Start-up and turnover of facilities, systems, and equipment to end-users ensuring requirements are met.  

Facilities, Utilities, Distributed Automation Systems (DCS, BAS, PAS), Skids

Supplimental Services

Automation Qualification

Evidence that your Automation Systems are suitable for their intended use, correctly installed, and function properly.


Information System Qualification

Evidence that Information Systems are suitable for their intended use, correctly installed, and function properly.



Process Qualification

Evidence that your manufacturing process, including all of its qualified components and controls, consistently produce the intended and required result.

Compound, Mix, Blend, Granulate, Upstream, Downstream


Develope and manage your calibration program,
and take responsibility for performing calibration activities 


Equipment Qualification

Providing documented evidence that your systems        functions as specified.

Automated equipment, Manufacturing equipment,   Packaging equipment, Laboratory equipment.

Cleaning Qualification

Evidence that your cleaning process, including all of its qualified components and controls, consistently produce the intended and required result.

Lab Equipment, Production Equipment, Facilities, CIP/SIP 


Vendor auditing to assure what you purchase meets your quality standards. 

Internal audits to understand the current state of your systems 

Remote Monitoring

Develop and manage your monitoring program using your devices or ours.  We provide 24/7 monitoring support of systems & environmentally controlled areas throughout your supply chain (factory, lab, stability, mobile, warehouse)

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