Data Systems & Analytics

Leveraging Data for improved Quality and Efficiency

Sequence’s Data Systems & Analytics team was formed to help our clients understand, justify, and confidently implement data solutions that add the most value to their business. Our expertise includes managing data to assure its integrity through all facets of the data lifecycle including data aggregation, contextualization, analysis, and visualization. We also focus on the ways computer systems can best be used to help you more efficiently understand and react to data. In short, we want you to have accurate data available when you need it, and for your systems to quickly recognize and communicate actionable information that allows you to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and run you business with a high level of confidence.

The Sequence Advantage

What value does our Data Systems & Analytics team deliver to you?

The value Sequence offers goes beyond knowledge of todays data technology and analytics solutions as would commonly be understood by a system vendor. Our value is in our perspective, having worked within the GxP industry driving quality, compliance, and efficiency since 2002. We can recommend the best solution for your needs without vendor bias, then help you confidently understand and adopt that solution as efficiently as possible. We even integrate and configure the more common applications. Engrained in each of our consultants is an understanding of GxP environment data flows, solution deployment and change experience, and a deep quality and compliance understanding. Combining these things with our successful project methodology we enable you to more quickly and efficiently realize the benefits of your new and updated data systems.

Customer Comments

"Sequence has a great reputation on our site."

"We​ need someone to hit the ground running and know that Sequence consultants are able to."

"The Sequence team took on a dumpster fire of a project and knocked it out of the park."

"I wanted to send my sincere gratitude to our Sequence team.  You are essential assets for furthering our efforts in compliance and transforming our industry!"

"A BIG thank you for making this critical project happen against our aggressive timelines."

"Thank you for minimizing the impact of the issues and getting our project back on track as quickly as possible. THANK YOU!!! "

"I Enjoyed working with the Sequence team.   Even on a remote based project, communication was outstanding throughout the entire project and deadlines were met on time. You always kept a positive attitude and made working on this project a pleasure."

"It has been a joy working with Sequence over the past year.  Project goals were communicated as requested and roadblocks were assessed up front and resolved appropriately. Sequence resources will be our first request when the lab project begins."

"Our single Sequence resource successfully managed a heavy project load including documentation, assisting the lab and vendors, assessing PC issues, and working with other sites to harmonize the validation process. "

"I wish you would stay at our company forever"

Data Systems & Analytics Services

Services can be provided by project team, individualized support, or managed service.


Statistical solutions that help you deliver quality more efficiently and effectively.


Bringing your data together to provide insight


Technology solutions to optimize how people create, use, and interact with information.


Providing context to your data so it can be appropriately interpreted and analyzed.

Project Examples

Global Aggregation/Analytics Solution deployment, Laboratory eNotebook implementation, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Manufacturing Facility Data Aggregation and Contextualization, Data Visualization Development,

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